The Illuminations.  2011

The Illuminations

In 2011, The Museum of Australian Democracy commissioned me to "create an artist's interpretation of the celebrations of federation in 1901". The vessel forms are taken from popular domestic styles from 1901 as is the cameo style surface decoration. The images sand carved across the surfaces are derived from photographs and newspaper articles from the day that described the celebrations in several cities across the country. Remembering the general "brownness" of museums from my childhood I really wanted to add some wow factor to the design to engage young visitors to the Museum.The work was created at the Canberra Glassworks, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory in full view of the passing public. Initially a challenging proposition to an artist who is used to working alone, privately and uninterrupted in her studio! But I did enjoy engaging with the public and  talking to people of all ages and backgrounds who were not necessarily educated about glass or art. Hearing their stories, seeing their appreciation and avid interest added a deeper layer of meaning to the project for me. I love it when my work speaks to a community wider than just the art community.